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Google+ we need to talk

I’m sorry but it just isn’t working for me. I’ve been wondering why I don’t feel the same joy when I see you as I do with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I talk about you behind your back then feel guilty that I’m saying horrible things like “It just doesn’t feel right”

You see Facebook is like the friend I’ve known since school, we’re comfortable, we can catch up when I’m in my pyjamas and I don’t have to make any effort. We talk about family & businesses I like. Continue reading


What is your accent saying about you?

originally posted as LinkedIn article

Now you may have noticed there’s a theme to my posts, there’s always something that’s got me thinking. Well this time it was a lovely client, and now firm friend, Eddie who sparked off my brain cells. He kindly agreed to do a customer recommendation video for me, you can see it here if you’re interested:Eddie video¬†and I think he’s brilliant on it. When I put it up on LinkedIn Eddie commented on his accent and that was what got me thinking. Continue reading