Google+ we need to talk

I’m sorry but it just isn’t working for me. I’ve been wondering why I don’t feel the same joy when I see you as I do with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I talk about you behind your back then feel guilty that I’m saying horrible things like “It just doesn’t feel right”

You see Facebook is like the friend I’ve known since school, we’re comfortable, we can catch up when I’m in my pyjamas and I don’t have to make any effort. We talk about family & businesses I like.

Twitter is the one I met at work who just clicked with me, we do business but socialise too, we talk about world affairs and current news stories. We keep each other informed.

LinkedIn are my team at work, while we don’t socialise we get on well while we’re working and let each other know about useful things that can help us do our job.

But you Google+? I realised today that you’re the friend who duped me into friendship. The one I feel I ought to make time for but really don’t want to. When I was thinking about why I thought about how we first met. I was trying to set up a new GMail account and all of a sudden I was signing up for so much more. I carried on because I trusted your family but didn’t really know what I was signing up for if I’m honest. It’s my fault too I should have taken more notice but I was busy and so….it just happened. You promised to be the ultimate friend, that we’d talk about anything and everything but instead heavy silences fill the air.

I read that you have 1.15billion users but wonder how many of them are false friends like me? Stats of 35% active users appear and it feeds my fear that others feel just the same as I do.You’ve got the early adopters but struggled to get the followers like me to really engage.

So where do we go from here Google+?  I’m sure you’ve been thinking about how to get us all to be true friends. My feeling is we need to start again. I promise I’ll make more effort but I feel you need to change too, although how I’m not sure. Let me know if you’ve any ideas. 

  • Lynne Mallinson

    Love this blog Dianne because I can relate to it completely. Google + doesn’t cut it for me either sadly which is a shame.

    • The shame of it is I genuinely want it to work Lynne, I’m persevering & I’e joined a new community which seems very active, I think perhaps it’s the communities that make a difference in Google+? I’ll report back if it changes my mind.

  • Highestbranch

    This is fantastic Dianne. I’m glad we feel the same. G+ just seems pointless to me as well!

  • Richard Gill

    Great article Diane, I had the same thought and have been trying to rationalise why I don’t like G+ as much. From my own view point I think it is because most of the people I am connected to are business connections. So I check Google+ to see what they are doing in their work and to promote my own work or talk about “work” related issues. As a consequence I use it more like Linkedin i.e. during office hours. However I do like the interface and the ability to show photos at good sizes and post longer articles – so it has become a sort hybrid between Linkedin and Facebook for me.

    Although I enjoy using Facebook because I ma talking to my personal friends form a business perspective I feel like Facebook is manipulating what I see and what it shows to other of my feed. It has a clear strategy and getting business to pay to get likes or promote post and advertise. So far I haven’t seen this with G+ and that encourages me to keep using it .

    The CEO of G+ changed earlier this year so maybe that will also bring changes, but I agree I don’t think it has found its true purpose yet.

    • I agree Richard & perhaps I need to give it time to evolve a bit more but I cannot deny I expected to love it & perhaps that’s part of the issue. Also of course we tend to link to the people we know on all platforms so the platform needs to bring something new to the table in our interaction with those people. I am hoping things will get better.