I have no special talents I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

and my learning journey continues

Those of you who have kept in touch with me for a while will know that I love to learn, it’s like taking your brain to the gym, there are only positives. So why has it taken me over a year to figure out what I want to study after completing my degree?

Well the truth is we have so many choices now when it comes to learning don’t we? There are the traditional courses, the one day skills training options and now of course the MOOCs. There’s also the decision about whether to study further in the discipline you’ve already started or move over into another one. Then there’s which provider, method of study……..I could go on & on. You know what though? When you actually find the right course you just know it’s the one. If you’re umming & ahhing without being able to make a decision that course just isn’t speaking to you.

I’ve finally found the one for me, after much kissing of frogs (figuratively speaking) I found Google’s Squared Online. I mean if you’re studying digital marketing who better to learn from then Google?  For me online learning, though it requires a much higher level of dedication from me as a student, pays dividends in terms of convenience and also in the diversity of the students you study with. When I studied my degree online I was studying with people from all over the world and that can bring other ways of thinking into the equation, never a bad thing.

I do wonder though, in the midst of what has been almost a revolution in terms of adult education in the last decade or so, why we can’t bring this revolution to bear in our schools? While there’s been some changes in terms of lessons and how they’re taught, some good, some not so good, the basic tenet of a child attending school in a building for a set number of hours in a very rigid framework really hasn’t changed for generations. There’s a great TED talk by a gentleman called Ken Robinson called How Schools Kill Creativity   which will really get you thinking.

I saw a quote once, which unfortunately I now cannot find, which said something along the lines of “Education is the one thing someone gives you which no-one can take away” and I love that thought. Education is invaluable, it literally has the power to change us for the better but it should be great fun too. I visited a new University Technical College near me recently where the pupils attend for longer hours each day & more weeks in a year than in the normal state education system & yet they’re oversubscribed because they make learning fun & practical. I hope we can see more developments like this in other subjects so my grandsons can enjoy their education as much in their younger years as I am now.

So what do you think? Are you considering learning but can’t choose a course? Do you think our state system needs a bit of va va voom? I’d love to hear your thoughts.