Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

Saturday night musings….

I never thought I’d live through times like this……

I watched “Outbreak“, “Contagion” and “I am Legend” but never thought I’d be drawing real-life comparisons with everyday life.

I never thought I’d watch as government after government told their populations to stay at home and, in the main, those populations do exactly that.

We rallied behind a common cause, we protected our most vulnerable by freely giving up our freedoms and it was absolutely the right thing to do but here’s the thing…..

I find myself wondering what makes Covid19 so special? Why do we not rally behind the cause of fighting racism, sexism, poverty and deprivation in the same way we have Covid 19?

We don’t need to give up our freedoms to fight these, in fact it’s probably the opposite. We need to make the most of our freedoms to shout loudly that we care. To rail against the injustices against our most vulnerable. To speak out for those with less power than us.

So why do we not? And will our realisation of what we can achieve from fighting the Covid 19 virus show us the power we have to fight other battles?

Or will we simply go back to doing what we’ve always done?

What will be our “new normal”?