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Selfies-a lonely road or a group endeavour?

Until last year I had never taken a selfie. This may be a generational thing, as my daughter is something of a selfie queen it’s obviously not a genes thing! So what prompted me to finally take a selfie? Probably like a lot of women my age it was the “No Make Up Selfie” campaign for Breast Cancer. For me appearing without make up wasn’t an issue as I’m often make up free outside work. Taking a selfie for the first time though? That completely stressed me out.

I mean how do youngsters know how to get that angle just right to be flattering? Any attempt I made was, to say the least, unflattering. My daughter couldn’t understand it, for her it’s completely natural. Anyway I did my charitable duty, managed to take a photo which didn’t make me look like the Gringe (just) and made my donation. You may notice I am not sharing the image here!

Dianne with RozFunnily enough though this was the start of something because I’ve been involved in many selfies since but not in the way you might think. You see none of these selfies have just been of me. They have always involved other people. Whether at family dos, business events or social events all the selfies have involved either other people or my dog (I know but she is marvellous even if she’s demented-see post below)

So that got me wondering whether the younger generation have just got this selfie thing wrong? As scientists debate the impact of selfies on mental health or visa versa  do youngsters just need to follow their parents lead and take group selfies instead of lonely ones?

I’ve always found taking group selfies great fun, from trying to pick positions to dropping the phone we always have a smile on our faces whoever I’m with. So perhaps this week, as it’s Mental Health Awareness Week  we should encourage everyone to find the fun in group selfies because we always have more fun with others.

What do you think? Are you a selfie queen like my daughter? Or are you like me & only do group selfies? Perhaps you’ve never taken a selfie? I’d love to hear your selfie stories.


The language of mental illness: is it all madness?

It was World Mental Health Day on Friday of last week and I got to thinking about how much has changed since mental health issues first affected my family over 30 years ago but then also how much hasn’t. Some of the stigma of mental health illness has lifted but there are still a lot of people who are scared of sufferers and also many who believe they should just pull themselves together.

I was listening to something on the news and realised that we use completely different, and often negative, language when we talk about illnesses that affect our brains. The very word mental has very negative connotations yet illnesses like depression are just as life changing and life threatening as cancer, an illness which suffered the same sort of stigma years ago but which is now widely talked about. Ironically the chances of suffering from either type of illness are roughly the same, 1 in 3. Any one of us can be affected at any time. Continue reading