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I have no special talents I am only passionately curious. Albert Einstein

and my learning journey continues

Those of you who have kept in touch with me for a while will know that I love to learn, it’s like taking your brain to the gym, there are only positives. So why has it taken me over a year to figure out what I want to study after completing my degree?

Well the truth is we have so many choices now when it comes to learning don’t we? There are the traditional courses, the one day skills training options and now of course the MOOCs. There’s also the decision about whether to study further in the discipline you’ve already started or move over into another one. Then there’s which provider, method of study……..I could go on & on. You know what though? When you actually find the right course you just know it’s the one. If you’re umming & ahhing without being able to make a decision that course just isn’t speaking to you. Continue reading